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Many patients step into our practice with dreams of a brand new grin. Others are looking to repair damage and get their oral health back on track. Seeing these individuals walk out of our doors with a strong smile and newfound confidence is the reason behind our mission here at Legacy Dental Co. No matter your goals, we’re honored to be a part of your oral health journey. Take a look at our Before & After gallery to explore real patient stories!

Experience the Difference


Just notice the light brought back to these patients’ faces! Without teeth, all the muscles of the face and around the lips collapse. When adding dentures, they fill out those collapsed muscles around your mouth and give you a more functional and confident smile.

Amalgam Fillings

Restoring the Natural Tooth

afterbefore and after treatment



Dr. Owens is always in favor of restoring teeth with old amalgam fillings that have cracks on the natural tooth. It’s very common to see teeth that have large amalgam restorations also have fractures on the natural tooth structure. This patient experienced no symptoms whatsoever until the tooth broke. At this point, the options for the tooth are to extract and place an implant or crown, or use the neighboring teeth to make a bridge

Tooth Restoration

Transforming Aesthetic and Function

after tooth restorationbefore and after treatment



Here we have what seems to be a perfectly healthy tooth without any decay. Luckily for this patient, Dr. Owens was trained to see the early signs of a failing tooth. Upon removal of some tooth structure, we can visibly see the fractures in the tooth starting to extend into the middle of the tooth where the nerve is located. Thankfully, Dr. Owens successfully removed the fractures and restored them with build-up material and the tooth is now ready for a crown.

Missing Tooth

Multiple Treatment Options Available

after missing tooth placementbefore and after treatment



We have a few options available from flippers, bridges and implants!

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